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Science Speaker Series

The Discovery Center’s “Science Everyone Can Understand” speaker series delivers fascinating lectures for adults and mature young adults featuring scientific authorities who bring the latest discoveries to life for scientists and non-scientists alike.

Now in its ninth year, Science Speaker Series explores topics ranging from pre-historic Californians to stem cell research. Program offerings are open to everyone and are designed especially for helping the general public and high school students clearly understand diverse and topical science topics.

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For a list of resources from the previous Citizen Science program, click here.

Past Speakers include:

2016-2017 Season

What a Prehistoric Global Warming Event Can Tell About Our Future
Dr. Sandra Turner, UC Riverside

Breakthrough Technique Studying and Treating Genetic Diseases: CRISPR/CAS(
Dr. Stanley Nelson, UCLA

Cancer Immunotherapy
DR. Bertosz Chmielowski, UCLA

Energy Efficiency for the New Millennium
Ed Begley, Jr., Environmentalist and Actor

Through the Looking Glass: How the Symmetry of Molecules Affects Diseases
Phil Hampton, Ph.D., Prof. of Chemistry, CSUCI

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