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Science Speaker Series

The Discovery Center’s “Science Everyone Can Understand” speaker series delivers fascinating lectures for adults and mature young adults featuring scientific authorities who bring the latest discoveries to life for scientists and non-scientists alike.

Now in its ninth year, Science Speaker Series explores topics ranging from pre-historic Californians to stem cell research. Program offerings are open to everyone and are designed especially for helping the general public and high school students clearly understand diverse and topical science topics.

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Past Speakers include:

2014-2015 Season

Growing Replacement Organs in the Lab
Bill Tawil, Ph.D. – UCLA
Using cells grown in the lab, scientists are creating complete organs.

Among Chimpanzees: Field Notes from the Race to Save Man’s Endangered RelativesFIELD
Nancy Merrick, MD, Associate of Dr. Jane Goodall
Chimpanzees are extinct in four African countries and nearly so in 10 others. Explore why and what can be done to save them.

The Science of Blue: Understanding Ancient Artifacts
Dr. Giacomo Chiari, Getty Conservation Institute (retired)
For the first time, new instruments can determine subtle differences in colors, allowing scientists to identify the source of historic artifacts.

Citizen Science: You Can Help Make New Discoveries
Dr. Rebecca Johnson, California Academy of Sciences
The revolution in communications now allows people all over the world to contribute to scientific discoveries, in both data collection and data analysis.

The Sixth Great Mass Extinction of Life on Earth
Dr. Paul Narguizian, Cal State Los Angeles
In the distant past, natural disasters have wiped out much of the life on earth. We are currently observing (and causing) another mass extinction.

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