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Discovery Center » Mobile Planetarium
mailing address 107 N. Reino, #150 Newbury Park CA 91320

Mobile Planetarium

Mobile Planetarium is a portable planetarium that fosters children’s interest in astronomy.  Bringing the planetarium to your school or local venue, we provide tailor-made lesson plans incorporating national and state standards for earth sciences and astronomy.  We have astronomy-based lesson plans for all grade levels, kindergarten through high school, including lesson plans for special education classes.
The half-hour program of the Mobile Planetarium topics include Skies of the Month; Greek Mythology; Native American Stories, Celestial Navigation, and much more.
Bringing the Universe to Schools
Events are contracted for by individual schools, and are exclusive to students and teachers at that school. Mobile Planetarium is made possible by a generous grant from Verizon.
  • The planetarium holds 25 children and 2 adults;
  • It must be set up indoors in a quiet area; and
  • It requires a space that is 25’ x 25’ with a 12’ ceiling clearance.
To learn more about Mobile Planetarium offerings and in-school visits, please email us at planetarium@discoverycntr.org or call 818/879-2021.