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Past Speakers

2016-2017 Season

What a Prehistoric Global Warming Event Can Tell About Our Future
Dr. Sandra Turner, UC Riverside

Breakthrough Technique Studying and Treating Genetic Diseases: CRISPR/CAS9
Dr. Stanley Nelson, UCLA

Cancer Immunotherapy
Dr. Bartosz Chmielowski, UCLA

Energy Efficiency for the New Millennium
Ed Begley Jr., Environmentalist and Actor

Through the Looking Glass: How the Symmetry of Molecules Affects Diseases
Phil Hampton, Ph.D., Prof. of Chem., CSUCI

2015-2016 Season

Genetically Modified Organisms: What’s All the Fuss About?
Dr. Bob Goldberg, UCLA

Applying Engineering and Technology for the Extreme Poor
Dr. Brian Rasnow, CSUCI

Are Your Squishy Cells Making you Sick?
Dr. Amy Rowat, UCLA

Climate Change, Drought and California’s Uncertain Future
Dr. Glen MacDonald, Distinguished Professor, UCLA

Was Mars Like Earth Long Ago?
Dr. Bob Anderson, JPL

2014-2015 Season

Growing Replacement Organs in the Lab
Bill Tawil, Ph.D., UCLA

Among Chimpanzees: Field Notes From the Race to Save Man’s Endangered Relatives
Nancy Merrick, MD, Associate of Dr. Jane Goodall

Are Your Squishy Cells Making you Sick?
Dr. Amy Rowat, UCLA

The Science of Blue: Understanding Ancient Artifacts
Dr.Giacomo Chiari, Getty Conversation Institute (Retired)

Citizen Science: You Can Help Make New Discoveries
Dr. Rebecca Johnson, California Academy of Sciences

2013-2014 Season

Prehistoric Californians
Dr. Jennifer Perry & Dr. Colleen Delaney – Cal State, Channel Islands

5 Cutting Edge Advances in Treating Heart Disease
Ravi Dave, MD – UCLA Health Systems

Robots & Humans: Expanding Our Horizons in Space
Michael Sander – Exploration Systems & Technology Office, JPL (retired)

Anatomy and Animation: You Need Science to Make Realistic Animated Creatures
Dr. Stuart Sumida – Cal State, San Bernardino

Using Stem Cells To Treat Human Health Abnormalities
Dr. Amander Clark – UCLA

2012-2013 Season

California Native Plants
Dr. Barbara Collins – California Lutheran University

Gene Therapy: Treat Genetic Diseases by Inserting New Genes
Dr. Donald Kohn – UCLA

Sea-Sick: What the Oceans Tell Us About Climate Change
Dr. Paul Narguizian – Cal State University Los Angeles

The Eco-Classroom: Teachers Doing Research in the Rain Forest
Debbie West, et al. – Oak Park School District

Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Crusade to Save the Oceans
Holly Lohuis – The Ocean Futures Society

2011-2012 Season

Tomorrow’s Scientists
Elizabeth Garfinkle – Alta Vista High School
Jessica Sanford – San Roche School

Bio-Geography and Bio-Diversity
Dr. Thomas Gillespie – UCLA

Diet and Health: what can evolution teach us?
Dr. Bruce German – Director, Foods for Health Institute, UC Davis

Breast Cancer: Assume That Most of What You Have Learned is Wrong!
Dr. Susan Love – The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

Using Science to Discover and Preserve Cultural Heritage
Giacomo Chiari – Chief Scientist, Getty Conservation Institute

2010-2011 Season

The Aging Human Brain
Dr. Lisa Hayden – Hayden Consultation Services

The Science Behind Crime Scene Investigation
Karalyn Ramon – Loyola High School

The Dark Side of the Universe – Dark Matter & Dark Energy
Dr. Robert Piccioni – The Osher Institute

What Whales Tell Us About Our Oceans
Brent Nixon – Research Naturalist

Mathemagical Moments
Glen Whitney – Executive Director, Museum of Mathematics

2009-2010 Season

Energy For The 21st Century
Terry Murphy, President, SolarReserve Inc,

Earthquakes! Why do they happen, when will they happen next,
and how can we be prepared?
Erik Pounders, US Geological Survey

What’s Happening to Planet Earth?
Dr. Richard Elsley (Dr. Discovery)

Astronomical Discoveries From the World’s Largest Telescopes!
Prof. Ian McLean, UCLA Department of Physics & Astronomy

The Potential and the Challenge of Stem Cell Research
Dr. Dennis Clegg, Deputy Director of the UCSB Stem Cell Center

2008-2009 Season

Energy Efficiency for the New Millennium:
How to Protect the Environment and Save Money
Ed Begley Jr., Environmentalist & Actor

How to Engineer Tissues & Organs
Dr. Bill Tawil, UCLA

Can the Flu Become a Pandemic?
Dr. Barbara Spraktes-Wilkins, Chief Epidemiologist, Ventura County

Nanotechnology for Fighting Cancer
Dr. Jim Heath, Cal Tech

The Oceans Today
Dr. Steven Norris, CSUCI