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Discovery Center » Art Makes U Smart
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Art Makes U Smart

Art Makes U Smart (AMUS)

An interdisciplinary program that introduces young minds to STEAM through art. AMUS brings art alive to young STEAM enthusiasts (“STEAMsters”) through the exploration of science vocabulary and core ideas. After participating in an engaging science discussion, students put on aprons and work together to create their own science-based masterpiece.
The AMUS curriculum is consistent with recognized science standards.
All programs are conducted at your school, center or civic facility. All program materials are provided by The Discovery Center.

Rolling Into Color

Students explore motion and art at the same time!

STEAMsters explore motion (push and pull) using balls and paint. Weight, texture and interactions are all considered as the STEAMsters create their masterpieces. Using shapes, the science experience is transformed into a take-home art piece.

Grade: Kindergarten
NGSS DCIs: PS2 (Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions)
NGSS CCCs: Cause and Effect, Patterns

Aboriginal Rainstick

An exploration in sound is a sight to be seen with this rainstick!

This lesson allows young STEAMsters the opportunity to explore sound through the construction of an aboriginal rainstick. Information about aboriginal art is shared with the students as they create their own artwork that is wrapped and secured to rainstick for a beautiful take-home instrument. They can use their rainstick and explore what a “struck” instrument sounds like.

Grade: First
NGSS DCIs: PS4 (Waves and Their Applications in Technologies for Information Transfer)
NGSS CCCs: Cause and Effect, Patterns
Connection to Engineering, Technology and Applications of Science on Society and the Natural World

Liquid, Gas, Art! Bubble Fish

Creating a background has never been so fun!

STEAMsters explore the structures and properties of matter as they use bubbles to make the background to their artwork complete. Using their imaginations STEAMsters created personified fish. Together the background and fish make a whimsical mounted take-home piece of art.

Grade: Second
NGSS DCIs: PS1 (Matter and Its Interactions)
NGSS CCCs: Cause and Effect, Patterns

Pendulum Painting

Jackson Pollock – look out!

STEAMsters get hands-on with paint and a harness pendulum as they investigate gravity and forces. In this active lesson, STEAMsters take their finished product and turn it into artwork.

Grade: Third
NGSS DCIs: PS2 (Motion and Stability:Forces and Interactions)
NGSS CCCs: Cause and Effect, Patterns
Art Master: Jackson Pollock

Collaborative Ecosystem Mural

Keystone species are the center of collaboration

After learning about keystone species in the Pacific Ocean, STEAMsters get hands-on as they create their own Matisse-inspired sea life collage. Individual collages can be taken home or mounted together for a collaborative mural.

Grade: Fourth
NGSS DCIs: LS1 (From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes)
NGSS CCCs: Cause and Effect, Patterns, Systems and System Models
Art Master: Henri Matisse

The Auroras

A chalk pastel project everyone can complete beautifully!

STEAMsters explore how Auroras happen. After learning about the science behind auroras and being inspired by their beauty, STEAMsters create their own pastel auroras using blending, highlighting and shading techniques.

Grade: Fifth
NGSS DCIs: ESS1 (Earth’s Place in the Universe)
NGSS CCCs: Patterns, System and System Models, Scale, Proportion and Quantity

For information and reservations call (818) 879-2021 or email amus@discoverycntr.org.